You’re Only A Disneyphile If You Pass This Magical Disney Items Quiz

You’re Only A Disneyphile If You Pass This Magical Disney Items Quiz
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Not every magical item is a wand, you know!

Each object in this quiz is a magical item from a Disney movie. Your job is to guess which movie each one is from! Good luck!

  1. That’s the Genie’s lamp! You know the drill, rub it and you get three wishes.

  2. That’s the glass slipper! It doesn’t do anything particularly magical, but it was created with magic. Plus, you gotta assume there’s some magic involved in the fact that it ONLY fits on Cinderella’s foot!

  3. That’s the Black Flame Candle! If a virgin lights it on Halloween during a full moon, it raises the spirits of the dead…including the Sanderson Sisters.

  4. That’s the Heart of Te Fiti! Maui stole it and Moana was chosen to return it to its rightful place.

  5. If you eat one of these cookies, you instantly grow many times larger.

  6. That’s the magical mirror in the Beast’s castle that allows its holder to see anything they wish.

  7. That’s Maui’s magical fish hook! With it, he can shape-shift into all kinds of creatures.

  8. Merlin animated this little sugar bowl to automatically put sugar in your tea. Convenient!

  9. That’s the necklace that Ursula wears and one of the sources of her magical power.

  10. That’s Facilier’s talisman that he uses to disguise Lawrence as Prince Naveen!

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