Xbox Game Pass Will Get Browser-Based App To Avoid iOS Block, Alleges New Report

xbox game pass

Phil Spencer reportedly told employees Game Pass would end up on iOS no matter what.

xbox game pass

The Game Pass service has quickly evolved to be Microsoft’s key strategy moving forward. While they are still producing hardware, of course, it’s clear Game Pass is where their future is head. Case in point, the recent launch of Game Pass in Xbox Cloud Gaming via mobile to extend their reach as far as possible. But there has been a major snag, as issues with Apple’s iOS policies have stopped the service from ending up there. But there could be a solution soon.

In a new report by Business Insider, it’s alleged that Microsoft is working on a browser-based version of the app. The app would come at some point next year, and would be key in bypassing Apple’s policies that essentially block Game Pass. While Apple has changed its rules slightly, it still is set up in a way where each individual Game Pass title would have to have its own dedicated app as opposed to a single unified app, making it infeasible and impractical. This information allegedly came from a meeting that Phil Spencer headed in which he pledged to employees Game Pass would be coming to iOS hell or high water.

It’s rumor for now, but Spencer has said Microsoft is committed to getting on iOS devices in the past, so it’s not far-fetched. Considering the end goal of Game Pass is to get the service on as many things as possible, it all makes sense, too. So, don’t be too surprised when Game Pass ends up on iOS one way or another.

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