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United Airlines pilot calls ‘mayday’ for engine failure in Denver



United Airlines pilot calls 'mayday' for engine failure in Denver

The pilot of United Airlines Flight 328 repeatedly called “mayday” as one of his engines exploded, raining down debris on a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

“We’ve experienced engine failure, need to turn. Mayday, mayday. United, uh, 28,” the pilot radioed soon after takeoff Saturday from Denver International Airport, according to the air traffic control call obtained by the Denver Post.

“United 328, heavy mayday, mayday, aircraft, uh…” the pilot repeated before air traffic control came on and asked him to repeat his urgent call for help.

“United 328, heavy mayday, aircraft just experienced engine failure, need a turn immediately,” the pilot warned, soon getting permission to make a left turn ready for the emergency landing.

The call came as his engine was fully engulfed in flames above Colorado, as caught on shocking video that quickly went viral online.

Other footage showed debris falling from the sky that was filled with black smoke — with huge chunks of the engine falling on the Denver suburb Bloomfield.

“Given the number of people who are at Commons Park on a weekend day we are beyond grateful that no one was injured,” the town’s police said, a sentiment shared by others online.

“It’s mind-boggling to hear nobody was injured or killed when an airplane broke apart in the sky over a packed neighborhood,” one follower replied.

Debris about 15 feet in diameter crushed the bed of Kirby Klements’ truck outside his house, with other chunks landing in his garden.

“If it had been 10 feet different, it would have landed right on top of the house,” he told The Associated Press. “And if anyone had been in the truck, they would have been dead.”

Despite the drama, the Hawaii-bound plane landed safely at Denver International Airport, and no one on board or on the ground was hurt, authorities said — much to the amazement of many onboard.

“When it initially happened, I thought we were done. I thought we were going down,” said Delucia, who stuffed his wallet in his pocket so he could be easily identified if the plane did go down.

“The pilot did an amazing job,” Delucia said.

The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement that the airplane experienced a right-engine failure shortly after takeoff.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating. Authorities have not released any details about what may have caused the failure.

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Rep. Jamaal Bowman calls standardized testing ‘a pillar of systemic racism’




Rep. Jamaal Bowman calls standardized testing 'a pillar of systemic racism'

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, one of the newest members of “The Squad,” says standardized testing is a manifestation of “systemic racism.”

In a pair of tweets Tuesday, Bowman (D-NY) wrote simply, “Standardized testing is a pillar of systemic racism,” before linking to an article from the National Education Association, one of the two largest teachers unions in the country.

The article from the NEA was titled “The Racist Beginnings of Standardized Testing.” It was published in April 2018.

“Since the beginning of standardized testing, students of color, particularly those from low-income families, have suffered the most from high-stakes testing in U.S. public schools.

“Decades of research demonstrate that African-American, Latino, and Native American students, as well as students from some Asian groups, experience bias from standardized tests administered from early childhood through college,” the article reads.

Reached for comment by Fox News, Bowman’s office pointed to a pair of videos posted by the freshman lawmaker on Twitter late last month. In them, he criticized the Biden administration over its refusal to grant waivers federally for standardized testing.

“Over the past year, our students have faced unfathomable amounts of trauma and anxiety due to the pandemic. They’ve lost teachers, family members, and their entire way of life. The Biden Administration’s refusal to grant waivers for standardized testing is WRONG,” he wrote alongside one of the videos.

“If you have never been an educator, you should not be leading on matters of education in our country. All of the data that they claim they need standardized tests to analyze can be better understood by speaking with the educators in our classrooms,” he continued.

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Dr. Fauci donates his 3D model of COVID to Smithsonian museum




Dr. Fauci donates his 3D model of COVID to Smithsonian museum

Dr. Anthony Fauci has donated his personal 3-D model of the coronavirus to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, which honored him with its Great Americans Medal.

“Dr. Fauci has helped save millions of lives and advanced the treatment and our understanding of infectious and immunologic diseases across more than five decades of public service,” museum Director Anthea Hartig said.

“His humanitarianism and dedication truly exemplify what it means to be a Great American,” she added.

Fauci, 80, who has led the nationwide COVID-19 response and is President Joe Biden’s science adviser, was asked by the museum to donate a personal item to mark the pandemic.

He chose the lumpy blue and orange ball that he has used to explain the complexities of the virus in myriad interviews.

The model, which was made with a 3-D printer, shows what the Smithsonian’s announcement calls “the various components of the SARS-CoV-2 virion (the complete, infectious form of the virus), including the spike protein.”

“This has been a terrible year in so many respects,” said Fauci, the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “Decades from now, people will be talking about the experience that we went through.”

In 2008, Fauci received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award, from then-President George W. Bush for his decades of work, dating back to the earliest days of the AIDS crisis.

Previous recipients of the Great Americans Medal include former secretaries of state Madeleine K. Albright and Gen. Colin L. Powell, tennis star Billie Jean King and musician Paul Simon.

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Instagram, OnlyFans millionaire model roasted for error




Instagram, OnlyFans millionaire model roasted for error

Fans of an Instagram and OnlyFans millionaire model are mocking the young woman after she mistakenly referred to Sydney as Australia’s capital.

According to The Daily Mail, Instagram and OnlyFans millionaire model Mikaela Testa, 20, was flooded with mockery after declaring Sydney as the nation’s capital in a recent video.

“We’re flying to Sydney, the capital of Australia,” Testa says at the start of a TikTok video filmed during a flight.

The capital of Australia is Canberra.

Ms Testa acknowledged mistake while hitting back at her critics on Monday

Millionaire OnlyFans star who boasted about earning $162K a month embarrassingly mistakes Australia’s capital city before giving one bold message to her fans

“Imagine not knowing the capital of the country you live in,” one person wrote of the Instagram and OnlyFans millionaire model, who resides in the Gold Coast.

Testa lated acknowledged the mistake in an embarrassed follow-up video.

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“Guys, I know I f**ked up, I f**ked up OK,” she told her followers, reported.

“Canberra is the capital of Australia and I knew that, but what makes me think Sydney is the capital is because it’s the biggest.”

Mikaela went on to say she appreciated everyone who was nice about her “mistake” but said some people just “took it and ran”.

TikTok star Mikaela Testa mistakes Sydney for Australia’s capital city

“Thanks for correcting me, I mean, I look really stupid now. But I’m sure there’s a lot of people in this country who think the same thing, so I’m good,” she joked.

The OnlyFans and Instagram millionaire model noted that a number of her followers were nice, but others were very condescending and mean — insulting her intelligence in her direct messages.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Testa has seen massive success on social media modeling platforms and has earned millions.

“She’s since had huge success with TikTok and last year she revealed she spent $1.4 million in 12 months,” the outlet wrote.

Her financial success has seen her move into a Gold Coast mansion with her boyfriend Atis Paul, 19, his sister Anna Paul – who is another hugely successful OnlyFans creator – and the 21-year-old’s boyfriend Glen Thompson.

TikTok star Mikaela Testa mistakes Sydney for Australia’s capital city

According to Yahoo News, the OnlyFans millionaire model has 1.2 million followers on her Instagram and 472,000 followers on TikTok.

She is also known for her lavish lifestyle funded by earning nearly $162,000 Australian dollars a month on the X-rated modeling subscription site OnlyFans.

“Just because it’s not the type of job you would prefer to do, or it’s not hard-work under your standards, doesn’t mean it’s not a real job,” she said previously, The Daily Mail reported.

“Not everyone is cut out to do hard work.”

Mikaela Testa, who is known for her lavish lifestyle on the social media network, has hit back after some of her followers called her out over the mistake.

Influencer’s ’embarrassing’ Aussie capital city mistake

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