The Video Game Remastered And Blair Witch Are Free Now On Epic Games Store


Great games for Halloween.


As the global community still grapples with the COVID outbreak, it doesn’t really feel much like Halloween, does it? Yet, in only a couple of days it will be the beloved spooky holiday. For this week the Epic Games Store is giving you some early treats that’s a big fit for the faithful day.

This week you’ll be able to redeem Blair Witch. The game is from Bloober Team and is set in the same universe of the film franchise of the same name. You and your dog, Bullet, will find yourselves trapped in some haunted woods as all types of strange things happen. The second game is Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered. It reunites the original cast and tells a story that picks up not long after the second film. It’s a big treat if you’re a Ghostbusters fan, and if you haven’t played it, you really should.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered and Blair Witch will be free on Epic Games Store until November 5th, and you can redeem them through here or the official client. After them, the free title will be Wargame: Red Dragon.

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