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Texas teacher Misty Cato charged with sexually abusing teen boy for years



Texas teacher Misty Cato charged with sexually abusing teen boy for years

Misty Cato, a teacher in North Texas, has been arrested and charged with sexually abusing a student, CBS DFW reports.

The Parker County teacher, 43, stands accused of launching her campaign of sexual abuse with the boy when he was only 15 years old.

The Springtown resident was arrested by deputies from the Parker County Sheriff’s Office.

Cato stands charged with second-degree improper relationship between educator and student for the sexual abuse to which she allegedly subjected the boy while she was a teacher.

The Parker County Sheriff’s Office said authorities arrested Misty Lorene Cato, 43, of Springtown, and charged her with second-degree improper relationship between educator and student.

North Texas Teacher Arrested For Alleged Sexual Relationship With Student

Misty Cato has been slapped with a $100,000 bond in the wake of being charged with being a sexually abusive teacher.

Before her tragic downfall, Cato taught fifth grade at Springtown Intermediate School.

After Cato was charged with sexually abusing a child, she was put on administrative leave from her teaching duties.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that at the time of the alleged abuse, Cato was contracted to teach math at the Springtown Independent School District. 

Cato was contracted as a math teacher with the Springtown Independent School District at the time the crime in which she is accused, second-degree improper relationship between educator and student, occurred.

Springtown math teacher ‘in love’ with student had sex with teen boy, authorities say

The boy Misty Cato allegedly sexually victimized was a student at the school district where she was a teacher.

Cato allegedly violated the boundaries between adult and child, teacher and student, repeatedly as she kept sexually abusing the boy over a period of years.

She is said to have committed these heinous acts at homes in Parker and Tarrant counties, as well as in Springtown, where she used to live. 

WFAA reports that Cato gave the boy a ride to school on multiple occasions.

“It is a shame any time we have to investigate these type of cases,” said [Sheriff Russ] Authier.

Parker County teacher arrested after admitting to sexually abusing student for years, officials say

Investigators say they got their hands on a voicemail recording of Misty Cato violating the trust placed in her as a teacher by saying that she was in love for four years with the boy she had been sexually abusing. 

She told him that “seeing him again makes her want to be with him again,” according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

Cato flat-out admitted that she had been sexually abusing the boy for years when investigators questioned the teacher.

Fox 4 reports that the sheriff’s office did not reveal how Cato met the child.

Cato was interviewed by investigators, and reportedly admitted having sexual relations with the victim, knowing he was a minor.

North Texas teacher arrested for improper relationship with 15-year-old

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Dogecoin took a dive during Elon Musk’s ‘SNL’ hosting gig



Dogecoin took a dive during Elon Musk's 'SNL' hosting gig

Elon Musk’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig did not send Dogecoin to the moon — instead, it slid by 21 percent during the broadcast, despite multiple mentions of the SpaceX founder’s favorite cryptocurrency.

The meme currency started the day at a high of $0.73, and sold off to $0.63 as SNL went live from NBC’s Studio 8H at 11:30 p.m., according to Coindesk’s price history.

After Musk mentioned the currency as a Mother’s Day present for his own mom, who was on hand during his monologue, the asset slid by six cents.

“I’m excited for my Mother’s Day gift,” Musk’s mother said. “I just hope it’s not Dogecoin.”

By 12:29 a.m., the currency plummeted to $0.50. before rebounding to $0.56 as the show went off the air, according to the site.

Musk also revealed to the audience he has Asperger’s syndrome during the opening speech.

The Tesla CEO also did a Q and A about the currency on the Weekend Update segment, which poked fun at the esoteric nature of coin.

A sketch at the end of the comedy show also poked fun at early currencies.

The day before the show, Musk warned investors to be careful when trading Dogecoin and other currencies.

“Cryptocurrency is promising, but please invest with caution!,” he tweeted.

Saturday’s volatility came after crypto CEO Barry Silbert took to Twitter to announce he was betting against Doge, which started as a joke.

“Okay $DOGE peeps, it’s been fun. Welcome to crypto! But the time has come for you to convert your DOGE to BTC, Silbert wrote.

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Two seriously hurt in Malibu balcony collapse



Two seriously hurt in Malibu balcony collapse

Two people were critically hurt when a balcony collapsed in Malibu, according to reports.

The collapse, which happened along the Pacific Coast Highway, sent at least four others to the hospital.

While it’s unclear how many people were on the balcony or why it collapsed, everyone who fell was rescued from the beach, the Los Angeles Daily News said.

Officials were expected to examine the building on Monday, the Los Angeles Fire Department said.

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UMass Amherst students suspended for partying outside without masks



UMass Amherst students suspended for partying outside without masks

Three Massachusetts college students were suspended after school administrators saw a photo of the trio at an off-campus party, outside and unmasked, according to reports.

“There was a photo sent to the administration of these girls outside off-campus on a Saturday. This is why they lost a whole semester of their schooling,” one parent told CBS’s Boston affiliate, WBZ-TV.

It’s unclear when the photo was taken and whether the young women had been vaccinated at the time they attended the party.

The freshman were cut off from virtual learning after being suspended and barred from taking their finals, meaning they will have to redo the semester, their parents griped.

“That negates this whole semester, $16,000 of money and they have to reapply for next semester. But they missed housing registration,” a father of one of the kids, identified only as Scott, told the station.

A surge of COVID-19 cases at the school in February prompted restrictions, but by April when the UMass hockey team won the national championship, athletes were seen celebrating, some without masks, as they arrived back on campus to a large crowd, according to a report.

The school said in a statement that students have gotten “a number of public health messages this semester that emphasized the importance of following public health protocols and the consequences for not complying, and those messages were also shared on UMass social media channels.”

The university did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Post.

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