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Talk show host John Tabacco enters NYC comptroller race



Talk show host John Tabacco enters NYC comptroller race

Staten Island stock trader and talk show host John Tabacco is planning to throw his hat into the race for City Comptroller, he told The Post.

“I am running for the job because I love New York and I am looking at a city that is facing the worst financial armageddon that I have ever seen in my life,” Tabacco, 53, said. “If I don’t give every bit of my God given talents to get New York City back on its feet, I forfeit my opportunity be a critic of whoever tries it.”

Tabacco, who spent decades on Wall Street, says every ounce of his business skills will be needed. The city’s current comptroller, Scott Stringer, has predicted an $8.33 billion shortfall in the 2021 fiscal year budget.

Tabacco, who hosts a television show called “Liquid Lunch” on BizTV, is seeking the Republican nomination, and faces an uphill battle in the overwhelmingly Democratic city. He plans to drop at least $100,000 of his own cash and then seek city matching funds.

“I have shown a capacity over my life to create things and think outside the box and make money out of thin air,” he said. “I will take my skillset and resources and do everything I can to get New York City off the ventilator and back on its feet.”

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Minimum wage hike can’t be in COVID relief bill: Senate official




Minimum wage hike can't be in COVID relief bill: Senate official

Democrats can’t include a $15 minimum wage hike as part of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, a key Senate official ruled on Thursday.

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough’s decision dealt a blow to progressives, who had been pushing to include such a provision in the bill.

MacDonough, the nonpartisan arbiter of Senate rules, issued a guidance saying she didn’t believe the change complied with guidelines of reconciliation, the fast-track process that Dems are using to pass the bill.

Senate Budget Committee Chair Bernie Sanders, who previously said he was optimistic that MacDonough would back the provision, slammed the finding on Thursday night.

“I strongly disagree with tonight’s decision by the Senate Parliamentarian,” the Vermont lawmaker said in a statement.

“The fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour continues,” he added.

Republicans, meanwhile, hailed the decision.

“Very pleased the Senate Parliamentarian has ruled that a minimum wage increase is an inappropriate policy change in reconciliation,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee. 

“This decision will, over time, reinforce the traditions of the Senate.”

Some moderate Democrats, including Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, have voiced opposition to including the minimum wage boost in the relief bill.

That suggests Dems would lack the votes to push through the provision, should they opt to break decades of Senate precedent, ignore the parliamentarian’s view, and keep it in the bill.

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Hasbro reassures fans that Mr. Potato Head isn’t going anywhere




Hasbro reassures fans that Mr. Potato Head isn't going anywhere

So mash for that.

Hasbro is scrambling to reassure fans that Mr. Potato Head still exists — amid uproar over its gender-neutral rebranding announcement.

“Hold that Tot – your main spud, MR. POTATO HEAD isn’t going anywhere!,” the company tweeted on Thursday evening.

The classic toy firm sparked a social media frenzy on Thursday morning when it announced that it would be dropping “Mr.” and “Mrs.” from the brand as part of a gender-inclusive push.

“Culture has evolved. Kids want to be able to represent their own experiences,” Kimberly Boyd, Hasbro’s senior vice president of global brands, told Fast Company.

“The way the brand currently exists — with the ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ — is limiting when it comes to both gender identity and family structure.”

Many on social media dismissed the move as half-baked, while others just rolled their eyes at the hubbub.

Several hours later, Hasbro clarified that it was the toy brand that was being changed to “Potato Head” — and that the beloved Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head characters would still exist, names and all.

The company will also be releasing a Potato Head “family kit” that will let kids “create all types of families,” it said in a statement.

“While we’re renaming the Mr. Potato Head brand to Potato Head to better reflect the full line, the iconic Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head characters aren’t going anywhere,” a spokeswoman for the firm, Catalina Ramirez, told The Post.

“The new product we announced today Create Your Potato Head Family is a kit that includes enough potatoes and accessories for kids to create all types of families,” she added.

Several toymakers have recently updated their brands to appeal to kids today — including Barbie, who shed her blonde image and got a makeover to include more skin tones and body shapes.

Thomas the Tank Engine also added more female characters and American Girl is now selling a boy doll.

With Post Wires

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El Chapo’s wife voluntarily surrendered to feds: report




El Chapo's wife voluntarily surrendered to feds: report

The beauty queen wife of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman turned herself in to federal authorities when she was arrested Monday, a report said Thursday.

Emma Coronel Aispuro voluntarily surrendered at Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia, sources “familiar with the situation” told Vice News.

The sources suggested to the outlet that it could be a sign the 31-year-old is willing to cooperate with the feds.

Federal prosecutors in Washington, D.C., where Aispuro was charged, declined to comment.

“I’m not going to respond to an anonymously planted story,” Aispuro’s lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, told The Post.

Aispuro was hit with a number of drug trafficking charges after her arrest Monday for allegedly working with her husband’s organization to bring cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana into the United States.

She is also accused of helping orchestrate El Chapo’s elaborate escape from a Mexican prison in 2015.

The escape plot worked, but Guzman was recaptured in 2016.

He was eventually hauled to the US, and convicted on a slew of drug-trafficking raps in Brooklyn federal court in 2019. He is currently serving a life sentence in Colorado.

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