Starfield Could Have New Animation System Rewrote “From Scratch”, Per Resume Listing – Rumor


We’ve heard that one before.


For a good while now we’ve been hearing about Starfield, a new IP from Bethesda with lots of promises of being their next epic RPG to stand alongside Fallout and Elder Scrolls. We know nothing about it and have only seen a single alleged leaked screenshot from this massive project. A new piece of information could have come to light which may excite you, or not, depending on how well you know Bethesda.

Twitter user JJ&MrOrange discovered a LinkIn page for an Eric Braun, who worked on Starfield according to his resume as a Senior Programmer. As you can see below, in his description he says he help to rewrite the animation system for the game “from scratch.”

This actually matches up with statement from Todd Howard that said the game would come with a major engine rewrite. But to play the cynic, we’ve heard things of that nature from Bethesda before and, well, I imagine if you know their games you know the rest. Of course, who knows at the end of the day. As it stands we have no time frame nor platforms for Starfield, though considering recent events I doubt it’ll end up being a timed exclusive for the PS5 like was allegedly the plan.

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