PS5’s UI Is Designed For 4K Displays And Has No More Delay In Accessing PS Store


The games won’t be the only thing to marvel at.


You can almost smell the excitement in the air (I think that’s excitement anyway) about the new generation of consoles coming next month. Today, Sony finally dropped a look at their PS5’s UI. It has a lot of new features, such as a new control center to keep track of trophies, progress and activities. Oh  yeah, and it’s going to look pretty and be buttery smooth.

In the PS5 UI showcase video, it was revealed that the UI will be “designed” for 4K display. That will obviously depend on your TV or monitor how much it’ll matter, but for those with a 4K set up, that brief period of time you’ll be in the UI will be nice to look at. Its speed is also something to note, but one thing in particular is that the PS Store is now integrated into the system and not a separate app like it was on the PS3 and PS4, meaning that you can now get into the store with no delay. Though, of course, how quickly you’ll be able to access the content will depend on your internet connection, but that goes without saying.

The PlayStation 5 will launch in select regions on November 12th with a full worldwide release on November 19th.

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