PS5’s Retail Box Officially Revealed Via…Burger King


Well, that’s having it your way I suppose.


It’s been quite the day for those looking forward to the PS5. Out of nowhere, Sony released the PS5 UI Showcase video that showed a heaping of new features and functions of the upcoming console’s UI. Now, we’ll also get a peek at that big, beautiful box the system will come in, but it’s coming from a…very unlikely place.

Via Game Informer, a new TV spot was revealed that showed a promotion between Sony and Burger King for customers to potentially win a PS5. In it, we see surprised BK shoppers getting a PS5. This also marks the first time we’ve seen the retail box officially, which is just kind of odd to think about and all, but hey, there it is. And yeah, it’s a big’un, boys. It’s a big’un.

The PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12th. To enter into the contest at Burger King you buy food there and use the app for a chance to win.

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