PS5 Seemingly Has 664 GB of Usable Internal Storage


A chunk of the 825 GB SSD will be occupied by the console OS and system files.


There’s been a flurry of new information on the PS5 recently, and amidst that, some interesting details have come to light. For instance, we probably now have a much clearer idea of exactly what to expect from the PS5’s internal storage.

Recently, off-screen photos, allegedly showing bits and pieces of the PS5 UI, emerged on ResetEra. One image in particular, which you can view below, seems to show the exact numbers for the console’s internal storage. It looks like the PS5 will have 664 GB of usable internal storage, which means a chunk of the 825 GB of the internal SSD is going to be reserved for system files and the consoles OS.

In comparison, it recently emerged that the Xbox Series X’s 1 TB internal SSD would have 802 GB of usable storage.

It also seems like Astro’s Playroom will have a file size of 2.4 GB. The platformer will be pre-installed with every PS5.

Recently, another leak showed the console’s boot-up and user selection UI, as well as a black DualSense controller.

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