PS5 May Track Progress Towards Individual Trophies


A deleted excerpt from an update on the French PlayStation blog spills the beans.


Sony recently unveiled some major changes that will be made to PSN Trophies very soon, which will allow to both the PS4 and the upcoming PS5. But it seems that alongside that, they have some new next-gen specific Trophy features also lined up- and they may have accidentally spilled the beans on one of them a little prematurely.

Earlier today, in the update talking about the aforementioned changes to Trophies on the French PlayStation blog, a section of the update confirmed that on PS5, players will be able to track the progress you’ve made toward unlocking individual Trophies. Tracking progress for individual Trophies (or Achievements) is a feature that’s been on Xbox for a while, so it’s great that it’s coming to PlayStation as well.

Of course, there’s a catch- this passage was only on the French version of the update, and not long after it went up, the passage was remove (though you can still view a screencap of it below, courtesy of ResetEra).

Sony probably hadn’t planned on announcing this just yet, but it seems it’ll only be a matter of time before they go ahead and pull the trigger on this one. Stay tuned until then for more updates.

ps5 trophies progress tracking

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