PS5 Cooling Praised for Being Quiet and Effective in New Previews


It seems Sony have taken some lessons from the PS4’s fan.


The PS4 has garnered a bit of a notorious reputation for being an unusually loud console due to its fan, and a much quieter cooling system that many have been hoping will be implemented in the PS5. Sony have suggested in the past that would indeed be the case, and now, a recent round of hands-on previews and impression on the console’s hardware by Japanese media seem to confirm that as well.

Dengeki and 4Gamer both recently published previews, and both claim that the PS5 doesn’t make any fan noise, and that the cooling system is quiet and effective. (translations via VGC). Both publications say that during their time using the console and playing various games on it (including the likes of Astro’s Playroom and Godfall), the console hadn’t made any noise at all. Both also claim that the console was cool to the touch and wasn’t giving off any noticeable heat.

However, both publications also note that the PS5 itself is quite large in size, and as such, people will have to make sure there’s plenty of room to keep a PS5, while also having enough space open around it for the cooling to properly work.

Rumours earlier this year had suggested that Sony had invested in an “unusually expensive” cooling system for the PS5. Based on these reports, it seems that that may have paid off.

There have been some interesting PS5 leaks recently as well. One shows what is supposedly the console’s user selection screen and a black DualSense controller, while another seemingly confirms that the PS5 will have 664 GB of usable internal storage.

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