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OnlyFans model Grace Taylor making $14k/month with racy pics



OnlyFans model Grace Taylor making $14k/month with racy pics

OnlyFans model Grace Taylor says she went from nearly losing her home after being fired from her job last year to collecting a £10,000 monthly paycheck on the subscription platform.

According to The Daily Star, OnlyFans model Grace Taylor, 28 and from East Sussex in the UK, had already dipped her toes into the online modeling world before going all in.

Prior to getting fired from her role as a telecoms project manager, she had signed up for a company called Studio 66 who looked to recruit “webcam models.”

She managed to make £350 in just two hours modeling online.

An OnlyFans model fired at the start of the coronavirus pandemic now makes more than £10,000 per month from selling snaps online.

OnlyFans model fired at start of pandemic now makes £10k a month selling nudes online

OnlyFans model Grace Taylor said she was one of 10 people let go from their jobs and the layoff caused her to panic as she had just bought a new car and a house.

She decided to ask Studio 66 for shifts and started up an OnlyFans page to make money for herself.

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Taylor charges her now hundreds of subscribers around $10 a month to access her exclusive content like nude photos and pictures.

Thanks to her modeling work and webcam shifts, she’s now making in excess of £10,000 per month (approximately $14,000 USD).

Thanks to her fans, Haf claims she’s now clearing £60,000 a year — approximately $83,000 in US dollars.

Law grad turned OnlyFans star now makes $7K a week on porn site — posing in her parents’ bedroom — after she lost her gym job

OnlyFans model Grace Taylor said her raunchy content has allowed her to splurge on a brand new car: a £60,000 Jaguar F-Type.

She’s also spent tens of thousands on various cosmetic enhancements to better build her brand online.

A number of models who joined the platform in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic shuttering much of the world, many women have reported previously unimaginable income from the website.

For example, Jade Nicole, a mom of two from Kansas City, is making so much money from the platform she’s able to give back to the community she relied upon for support when she had little money to spare.

Nicole said her success on the platform has opened a lot of doors for her family and “we actually have five and ten year goals for the future now, whereas before, we couldn’t foresee even the next day.”

Star OnlyFans model who used to be on welfare now makes so much selling X-rated pics of herself she can ‘donate to charity’

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Bartender’s fake receipt saves women from being hit on by ‘creep’



Bartender's fake receipt saves women from being hit on by 'creep'

A Florida bartender saved two women from being hit by a creepy customer by passing them a note disguised as a receipt — and went viral online for the quick-thinking move.

The St. Petersburg drink-slinger, Max Gutierrez, shot to internet fame last week, when a woman named Trinity Allie shared on Twitter how he helped her and a friend fend off an unwanted pick-up artist in St. Petersburg.

When another customer repeatedly hit on the women, the Hawaiian shirt-wearing barkeep handed Allie a note that looked like a receipt, but read: “If this guy is bothering you, put your ponytail on your other shoulder, and I will have him removed. He’s giving me the creeps.”

“This man was harrassssing me and my friend and the bartender passed this note to me acting like it was my receipt ! Legit the type of bartender everyone needs,” Allie’s caption read.

In a follow-up tweet the woman explained that Gutierrez yelled “you need to get the f—k away from these girls who clearly are not interested,” before kicking him out.

Allie also clarified that she had Gutierrez pose for the picture after the incident, not while she was being harassed.

More than 200,000 people liked the viral tweet, many of them leaving comments praising the smooth mixologist.

“Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear Hawaiian shirts,” one appreciative woman wrote.

Four days after the tweet went viral, Gutierrez tweeted that the sleazy patron came back to the bar for a beer — but the hero barman refused to serve him.

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Alabama car crash during tropical storm kills 10, 9 kids



Alabama car crash during tropical storm kills 10, 9 kids

Ten people, including nine children, died Saturday in a fiery two-vehicle crash in storm-drenched Butler County, Alabama, according to local authorities.

Cops said the two vehicles — an SUV carrying a father and daughter and a small bus hauling girls from Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch — likely hydroplaned on I-65’s wet roads just before 2:30 p.m. as Tropical Storm Claudette plowed through the region, reported.

The father and daughter, identified by the county coroner as Cody Fox, 29, and 9-month-old Ariana, were killed, as were eight girls who were traveling in the bus.

Garlock said a bystander successfully pulled the bus driver from the vehicle, but that, “It was too late to get back to [the girls] because the bus was engulfed in fire.”

Authorities have not released the names of the girls, who ranged in age from 4 to 17, according to

Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch is a long-term residential facility for “school-age girls from troubled backgrounds,” according to its website. Many of the bus passengers were in the care of the state.

Fox worked in emergency management in his home county of Marion County, Tennessee, authorities said.

Multiple people were also injured, according to Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond.

The Girls Ranch asked for “prayers” in a Facebook post at 10 p.m. on Saturday.

“Our hearts are heavy today. Our ranch has suffered great loss. As some of you may have hear, one of our ranch vehicles was involved in a multiple car accident this afternoon,” the statement said.

“Please send prayers our way as we navigate this difficult time.”

The girls attended Reeltown High School in Tallapoosa County, WBRC said.

Claudette dumped as much as 12 inches of rain along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, causing dangerous flash flooding in northern Georgia, most of South Carolina, the North Carolina coast, parts of southeast Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

With Post wires

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VA plans to cover gender surgery for trans vets, in policy reversal



VA plans to cover gender surgery for trans vets, in policy reversal

The Department of Veterans Affairs is taking the first steps toward offering gender-reassignment surgery to transgender vets, VA Secretary Denis McDonough announced Saturday at a Florida celebration of Pride Month.

“Transgender vets [will] go through the full gender confirmation process with VA at their side,” McDonough promised a cheering crowd in Orlando, CNN reported.

The VA has been paying for prescription hormone therapy and mental health treatment for transgender veterans since 2013. But the directive that authorized those benefits, issued by the Obama administration, specifically excluded surgical procedures.

The policy change comes at the behest of President Biden, McDonough said. Biden rescinded President Trump’s ban on transgender service members in January, and in May the US Air Force and Space Force issued new guidelines on the equitable treatment of members undergoing gender transition.

“At the end of the day this is in the President’s authority to do,” McDonough said. “He’s made clear it’s time to do it and that’s precisely what we’ll do.”

A VA spokesman estimated that fewer than 4,000 vets would likely be interested in the surgery, the Orlando Sentinel reported — and said that the agency had not calculated its potential costs.

McDonough’s announcement signals the start of a lengthy rulemaking process of up to two years that will include a period of public comment.

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