Oculus Quest Edition Launches October 29 With Rebuilt Story And Redesigned Environments

Blair Witch

The VR version is more than a port it seems.

Blair Witch

It was last year when we got the surprising horror game from Bloober Team, Blair Witch. The game was set in the same canon as the horror franchise that essentially invented the found footage genre. It released originally on Xbox One and PC, and then trickled to other platforms, and was a solid enough game. Now, though, it’s coming to a new platform with some big changes.

The game will be getting a VR title just in time for Halloween, called the Oculus Quest Edition, but it seems to be more than a simple port with tacked on VR. Bloober says that the story has been rebuilt with extended interactions and that environments have been redesigned with VR in mind, which you can see a little of in the trailer below. It’s not clear as of yet the extent of these redesigns, but it could warrant a revisit even if you have played the game already.

Blair Witch, in its original non-VR form, is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. The Oculus Quest Edition will launch on October 29th.

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