NBA 2K21 Details Gameplay Changes For Upcoming PS5, Xbox Series X, And Xbox Series S Versions

NBA 2K21 current gen 2

The next gen versions will have its own host of new features.

NBA 2K21 current gen 2

A new generation of consoles are basically here and, as usual, the annual sports titles will be one of the first titles out of the gate for them. While they are all cross-gen, as expected, it does seem at least NBA 2K21 will be going something of an extra mile. We’ve seen some next gen footage of the PS5 version, which looks probably better than many expected, but that isn’t all. The next gen versions also have their own host of gameplay changes.

2K released a next gen courtside report, labeling it #1 implying more is to come. To be frank, there’s a lot of changes here, far more than I imagine most expected, in regards to various aspect such as passing, dribbling and speed control. It seems the most significant change will come with how the game handles the Pro Stick controllers. With next gen consoles, you’ll have far more shot arc control, and your stick speed now controls the arc of your jump shot. As it states, “slow flicks will give you extra high arcs, while fast flicks will make your shot flat,” and you’ll also be rewarded for making ideal shots. You can check out the full notes through here.

NBA 2K21 is available now for current gen consoles as well as PC, and you can read our take on those versions through here. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions will launch alongside all three systems.

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