Monster Hunter Rise Shows Off Concept Art For Your Adorable Companions

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

Seemingly overnight, the Monster Hunter franchise became Capcom’s biggest franchise, and it’ll once again return to the handheld space with the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise that will release early next year. The game is much anticipated, especially among Japanese players, and we got some nice concept art of those critters that will help you along the way.

Fans of the franchise will recognize the cat-like creatures, called Palico. Rise will also introduce some dog creatures called Palamute. You’ll be able to take two of them into battle with you when playing single player, and the concept art below shows them primed and ready in the game’s starting armor. We’ve also seen art of this on the human characters, too, which you can see through here alongside some other artwork.

Monster Hunter Rise will release March 26th 2021 and currently is only announced for the Nintendo Switch. Another game in the series, the more RPG-focused Stories 2, is also coming in Summer 2021 for the Switch.

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