Miles Morales’ Embargo Rumored To Lift November 6th

marvel's spider-man miles morales

Also the 11th is thought to be the final date for all things PS5.

marvel's spider-man miles morales

There are an array of titles that are coming next month for the launch of Sony’s PS5, but I think it’s fair to say at the top of the list will be Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The game is something of a sequel/standalone expansion to the incredibly well received and big seller 2018 title, it’s also Spider-Man, and the cooler Spider-Man at that (with Spider-Cat). It also seems you’ll be getting full impressions of it soon.

As spotted (or rather, heard) and translated by Reddit user pornokomisjon, an Estonian podcast in his local area mentioned that their embargo for Miles Morales will lift on November 6th, which is when their review will go live. They also stated that they thought the 11th would be the final embargo for all things PS5, but didn’t seem sure about that or was unclear on what that meant.

“6th is when we can talk more in length about some things, for example you can read our Miles Morales review, and then 11th, I think, is the last bigger date, but I might be wrong, don’t remember exactly. But yeah, first half of November when you can see and hear more.”

We have to file this under rumor for now, because we haven’t received our official word on Miles Morales or PS5 embargo info and no one else has confirmed this just yet. As you can tell, these guys don’t seem too sure on that end, either, so it’s best to take it with a grain of salt for the time being. The game launches on November 12th for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, so a week beforehand sounds about right to be plausible. We’ll have our coverage and review of the game, of course, when we’re able.

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