Metroid Prime 4 Might be Aiming for a More Cinematic Narrative-Driven Experience, Job Listing Suggests

Metroid Prime 4

The upcoming sequel could possible be much more focused on story than its predecessors.

Metroid Prime 4

There’s next to nothing that we know about Metroid Prime 4, other than the fact that it will release eventually, at some indeterminate point in the future. However, if a new job listing put up by developer Retro Studios is anything to go by, we might have a bit of an idea about what its approach to storytelling is going to be.

Metroid isn’t really a series that puts story front and centre, but it seems that might chance – at least to some degree – with Metroid Prime 4, if this listing for a contract position as Storyboard Artist is anything to go by. The listing mentions “emotional scenes that will resonate with audiences” and “interesting and innovative scenes that elevate the narrative”, and all around gives the impression that Retro Studios seem to be putting greater emphasis on this side of the experience than usual.

Of course, this by itself doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything, especially given how shrouded in mystery everything to do with this game is, but it might be interesting to see storytelling becoming a larger part of the experience in Metroid Prime 4.

Metroid Prime 4 is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch, but has no set release date or window.

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