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Los Angeles woman Monique Munoz, 32, killed in Lamborghini crash



Los Angeles woman Monique Munoz, 32, killed in Lamborghini crash

Authorities are investigating the cause of a horror crash that killed Monique Munoz, a 32-year-old secretary, on a West Los Angeles highway on Wednesday, the Daily Star reports.

A 17-year-old was behind the wheel of a Lamborghini that crashed into her Lexus reportedly at a speed of 120 miles per hour.

In the wake of the Lamborghini-Lexus crash, Monique Monoz’s grieving family remembered her as a “beautiful, accomplished woman” who had her heart set on attending law school.

The Lamborghini smashed into the side of Monique Munoz’s car at the intersection of Olympic Blvd. and Overland Ave., ending her life on the spot.

Munoz, whose silver mangled Lexus was next to the Lamborghini, was pronounced dead at the scene, while the teenager was rushed to hospital with head injuries.

‘Beautiful’ woman dies after being hit by ’17 year-old driving Lamborghini at 120mph’

LAPD officers were summoned to the scene of the tragic accident at about 5pm on Wednesday, where they discovered that a teenager was behind the wheel of the Lamborghini.

“The child had a heart of gold, never hurt anybody, did everything right,” Monique Munoz’s stepfather, Isaac Cardona, said after she was killed by the Lamborghini-Lexus crash. “Kid’s racing down the street in a Lamborghini, 17 years old in a Lamborghini doing 120 miles per hour, hits and kills her. Senseless.”

Munoz was remembered by other family members as a kind and loving soul. 

CBS Los Angeles reports that the family mourned the loss of all that Munoz could have accomplished in her life had she not been so tragically killed in the crash.

Relatives said Munoz worked as a receptionist and aspired to go to law school.

Candlelight Vigil Held For 32-Year-Old Monique Munoz Killed In Violent West LA Crash

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Monique Munoz’s family in the wake of her death in the Lamborghini-Lexus crash.

The page is to help the family cover funeral expenses, Metro reports.

Authorities have not released official findings about the cause of the crash. But Monique Munoz’s family wants the teen who crashed the Lamborghini into her car to be brought to justice.

They say they will not stop speaking out about the case until that day comes. 

“I want him prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Boy, 17, driving Lamborghini at 120mph hits receptionist, 32, and kills her

A statement about Munoz’s death in the Lamborghini-Lexus crash published on the GoFundMe page reads: “For those of you who knew Monique, you know all of this already but, for those who didn’t…this beautiful, accomplished woman was the heart and happiness of her family and was taken from us much too soon.”

“Her family and friends were her life, she never missed a family gathering or a chance to help a friend and she only had love and kindness in her heart,” the statement continues.

“We are all in shock and finding it impossible to fathom the reality of her unexpected passing.”

The Sun reports that the teenage Lamborghini has not been arrested.

The GoFundMe has since raised over $32,000 of its $20,000 goal.

Receptionist, 32, dead after boy, 17, ‘driving Lamborghini at 120mph SLAMS into her Lexus’ in tragic crash

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Perseverance rover takes first drive on Mars




Perseverance rover takes first drive on Mars

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover took its first test drive on Mars Thursday, covering about 21 feet of the extraterrestrial landscape, the space agency said.

The mobility test is one of many milestones to check off Perseverance’s do-to list, as team members calibrate every system and instrument on the rover.

When scientists decide all systems are go, it will begin regularly driving the length of several football fields at a time.

“When it comes to wheeled vehicles on other planets, there are few first-time events that measure up in significance to that of the first drive,” said Anais Zarifian, Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mobility test bed engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California.

“This was our first chance to ‘kick the tires’ and take Perseverance out for a spin. The rover’s six-wheel drive responded superbly. We are now confident our drive system is good to go, capable of taking us wherever the science leads us over the next two years.”

The drive lasted about 33 minutes, as the rover negotiated turns and backed up into a new parking space at a snail’s pace, officials said.

Since the Feb. 18th landing, mission controllers have also completed software updates, deployed Perseverance’s wind sensors and tested the rover’s 7-foot-long robotic arm.

The rover is now poised to begin more complicated missions, including finding a launch site for its mini helicopter next month.

Scientists hope its multi-year mission will provide insight into the region’s geology and past climate, and determine if life once existed on the planet.

NASA officials anticipate that samples and data gathered by Perseverance will ultimately prepare astronauts for human exploration on Mars.

With the rover now on the move, scientists memorialized its touchdown site, informally naming it for the late science fiction author Octavia E. Butler.

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Massachusetts forces schools commish to reopen school s




Massachusetts forces schools commish to reopen school s

The Massachusetts school board voted Friday to allow its schools commissioner to force a wide return to in-person learning — despite union objections, according to reports.

State Commissioner of Education Jeffrey Riley told the board that he would seek those powers in order to fully reopen elementary schools in April and resume full across all grade levels in-person learning in the fall.

“We think now is the time to begin to move our children back into school more robustly,” Riley said.

He has pointed to improved coronavirus numbers across the state and stressed the deepening emotional damage wrought by extended absence from school.

Roughly 80 percent of Massachusetts students currently have some in-person learning available to them with about 300,000 enrolled in fully remote districts.

Parents who want to keep their kids home for the rest of the year will retain that option.

Some teachers union factions have pushed back against a fuller return to their school buildings, arguing that the coronavirus has yet to be fully subdued.

But officials in the state and elsewhere have intensified their calls for a return to classrooms, stressing the emotional needs of students left shellshocked by the pandemic.

Others have argued that remote learning is widening academic gaps and having an especially severe impact on lower-income kids.

New York schools are slowly resuming in-person classes — but 70 percent of kids the nation’s largest school district remain in the fully remote format.

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Conservatives would trade tax cuts to ‘openly say the n-word’




Conservatives would trade tax cuts to 'openly say the n-word'

Far-left MSNBC host Joy Reid’s outrageous week continued Wednesday when she tweeted that conservatives would all love to “openly say the n-word” and felt oppressed because they couldn’t be “openly racist.”

“I’ll say it again: people on the right would trade all the tax cuts for the ability to openly say the n-word like in ‘the good old days.’ To them, not being able to be openly racist and discriminatory without consequence is oppression. Trump is the avatar for this ‘freedom,’” Reid tweeted.

Reid made the comment while responding to MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson, who was himself responding to a tweet from former New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss.

Johnson asserted Weiss was trying to defend the idea of privately using racial slurs when she discussed how many people feel the need to “self-censor” for fear of being reprisal. A center-left writer, Weiss is loathed by many figures on the left, particularly for her views on free speech.

Reid’s bizarre tweet came the same day she said states like Texas and Mississippi that are opening up and reversing mask mandates are doing so because White residents want Black people to “get their behinds into the factory and make me my steaks.”

“There is a term called ‘necropolitics,’ which is essentially the politics of who gets to live and who gets to die, and these states, what they have in common is that they have structures which say that Black and Brown lives matter less,” Reid told Johnson.

“And so all that matters is that Black and Brown people get their behinds into the factory and make me my streaks, make me my stuff, get there and do my nails, work, get back to work now and do the things that I, the comfortable affluent person, need. Isn’t that what we’re seeing in states like Texas?” she continued. 

Johnson nodded in agreement, before adding, “‘The Hunger Games’ would be more humane.

Reid also this week said Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., the Senate’s lone Black Republican, was present at a GOP press conference opposing the Democrats’ proposed minimum wage hike to present the “patina of diversity.”

On a network known for its left-wing bent, Reid stands out with her vitriolic attacks against conservatives, and some of them have a racial tinge. In November, she called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as “Uncle Clarence,” a clear reference to the “Uncle Tom” slur for Blacks viewed as too deferential to Whites.

Reid also was forced to apologize in 2018 after her homophobic, anti-Semitic, and conspiracy theory-laden blog posts from the 2000s emerged. Despite her controversies, Reid is a face of the network, leading its political coverage in 2020 and getting promoted from a weekend program to a nightly primetime slot.

Fox News’ Yael Halon contributed to this report.

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