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Kelly Clarkson to take over Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime slot



Taylor Swift’s re-recorded albums eligible for Grammys, prompting ‘greed’ criticism

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” will replace Ellen DeGeneres’ longtime talk show’s daytime slot in most markets, Fox News has learned.

NBC announced the news on Wednesday just weeks after revealing the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” will end in 2022.

“‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ has earned its dominance in daytime by hitting every benchmark for success since it premiered as the most-watched talk show in seven years,” the network said in a press release. “The hourlong program, hosted by Grammy Award-winning artist and America’s original idol, Kelly Clarkson, features a mix of celebrity guests and everyday people doing extraordinary things in their communities.  It airs in 100% of the country across 200 stations and is positioned to headline daytime in leading time periods by Fall 2022. “

Clarkson, whose talk show was already renewed for an additional two seasons in December, received three Daytime Emmy Awards for the very first season of her show, making her a very obvious in-house choice to take over for DeGeneres once her show wraps at the conclusion of Season 19.

“These are remarkable achievements for a talk show in its second season. We look forward to Ellen DeGeneres’ 19th season paired with Kelly Clarkson for what is sure to be a blockbuster year. By 2022, ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ will be the star of our daytime entertainment schedules and an asset to our early afternoon newscasts,” Valari Staab, President, NBCUniversal Local, added in the release.

Earlier this month, DeGeneres confirmed that she will not be bringing back her long-running daytime talk show following the conclusion of the most recent season in 2022.

DeGeneres said she informed staff of the decision on May 11. The Emmy-winner, 63, sat down with Oprah Winfrey shortly after the announcement went public to chat about the difficult decision.

“There were tears. It was really hard because I do love everyone here. We do have a relationship,” she said. “You know, it’s every single day for me. I come in every day and this is my life and theirs too. But I wanted to give them a year. I wanted to give them enough time to know. I didn’t want to do it the last year I was here. I wanted to give them a year to celebrate with me and stay with me.”

Despite empathizing with her staff, the news comes the same year that DeGeneres’ show was marred by allegations of having a toxic workplace environment. In her interview with Winfrey, DeGeneres noted that she felt the entire situation was “orchestrated” and “misogynistic” but stopped short of naming anyone in particular.

The news that Clarkson will take over the coveted time slot with her show puts an end to speculation that another star might be taking the reins following DeGeneres’ departure. Comedian Tiffany Haddish recently responded to rumors that she was being tapped to fill Ellen’s hosting duties after guest-hosting in the past.

“I haven’t commented on it because ain’t nobody that give those jobs talk to me about it,” the comedian admitted, according to Entertainment Tonight. “The reason I’ve even been popping up guest-hosting ‘Ellen’ is because she wanted some days off.”

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Apple releases highly-anticipated, secret Beats earbuds



Apple releases highly-anticipated, secret Beats earbuds

After years of anticipation and weeks of rumors, Apple has finally released the Beats Studio Buds. 

The existence of the secret headphones — which Apple sleuths have been excitedly expecting since 2014 — was at last confirmed on Monday when they also became available to order. The sleek new ear gear costs $149.99 on and comes in the classic Beats colors of black, white and red. They will begin to ship on June 24. 

“Studio Buds is our tiniest, most subtle form factor to date, yet keeps Beats’ promise of delivering an immersive sound experience in a beautiful design,” said Beats and Apple Music vice president Oliver Schusser in a press release. “In building a product this small, every minute detail was considered, analyzed and selected to optimize for sound quality, comfort and durability.” 

The Buds feature one-touch pairing, have up to eight hours of battery life and two listening modes, active noise canceling mode and Transparency mode, the latter for “when you need to hear the world around you,” according to the press release. 

To experience the full capacity of the technology, Beats head of acoustics Todd Parker recommends listening to Saweetie’s “Best Friend,” Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees” and Daft Punk’s “Doin’ It Right.” 

Ahead of Monday’s announcement, various celebrities were spotted sporting the previously unreleased gear, including LeBron James and soccer star Alex Morgan. Apple obsessives have also found evidence of the headphones’ development in Federal Communications Commission’s reports and internal reference numbers over the years. 

“The Beats Studio Buds might be the most leaked earbuds in the history of earbuds that have leaked,” postulated one industry website on Friday. “They’re a thing, but they aren’t. They will be, but they aren’t yet. Except they are because people keep having their photos taken while they’re wearing them. But they aren’t a thing yet.”

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Kevin Hart slams cancel culture cops: ‘Shut the f–k up!



Kevin Hart slams cancel culture cops: 'Shut the f--k up!

‘Nobody’s perfect’ seems to be the rallying cry of those opposed to cancel culture — including Kevin Hart.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the comedian and actor attacked the internet trend, saying, “Shut the f–k up!”

Cancel culture — the viral phenomenon of “cancelling” people, brands, companies, and shows because of problematic ideologies either from the past or present — has changed comedy, according to Hart, 41. Things that used to be funny or accepted are now cancellable, and the possibility of old stand-up bits and tweets resurfacing could “bite you in the ass.”

The only way to grow, he said, is to mess up and learn from it.

“If you allow it to have an effect on you, it will. Personally? That’s not how I operate,” Hart told the UK outlet. “I understand people are human. Everyone can change.”

Hart, having been cancelled a number of times in recent years, also reflected on stepping down from hosting the Oscars in 2019 after receiving backlash on the internet over homophobic tweets and old jokes.

He posted a lengthy apology on his Instagram after the debacle, reemphasizing the need for personal growth that comes from learning from mistakes.

Hart isn’t the first celebrity to mock cancel culture, though. Last month, Chris Rock blamed the trend for creating “boring” entertainment because people are playing it too “safe.” Both comedians echoed similar sentiments about cancel culture transforming the comedy sector.

While the cancel culture trend gained traction the last few years — most notably with Ellen DeGeneres and J.K. Rowling in 2020 — this year, even Dr. Seuss was subject to cancel culture. In March, the books’ publisher announced they were pulling the licensing to six titles due to offensive depictions of black and Asian characters.

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Ned Beatty dead at 83



Ned Beatty dead at 83

Veteran character actor Ned Beatty, best known for his work in “Superman” and “Network,” died in his sleep Sunday. He was 83.

The death, reported by TMZ, was confirmed by a family member who said he passed while surrounded by his family.

No further details about the death were immediately available but TMZ was told the death was not COVID-related.

Beatty was an on-screen legend throughout his five-decade-plus career and was known for his wide range of abilities.

In the 1976 box office hit “Network,” Beatty delivered a stunning 5 to 6-minute long monologue where he attempts to convince the protagonist to accept a major merger deal that wouldn’t be good for the public.

The performance ended up earning him a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Oscars that year and in 1978, he stunned the masses again when he played a completely different character in “Superman.”

As Otis, the foolish sidekick of Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor, Beatty proved to Hollywood he could play comedic characters just as well as he could play serious ones and continued the role during the “Superman II” sequel in 1980.

In his on screen debut in 1972, Beatty starred in the psychological thriller “Deliverance” and was the onscreen victim in the infamous “Squeal like a pig” rape scene that’d go down in film history as one of the most depraved moments to ever hit the box office.

In his older age, Beatty took on a number of voice acting roles in “Rango” and “Toy Story 3” where he played a devilish pink bear named Lotso and also appeared in major television series like “”MASH,” “CSI,’” and “Murder, She Wrote.”

He leaves behind his wife Sandra Johnson and eight children and grandchildren.

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