Godfall’s Side Missions Will Be “Combat-Based,” With No Fetch Quests


Don’t stress having to collect 20 sheep.


Regards of which next generation system you will be picking up come next month, you have quite a lot of variety to pick from. One option you’ll have is Godfall, an action game that can be played either solo or co-op, and that we’ve been seeing a lot of in the build up to next gen launch. The key word there seems to be action, as even in side missions, that’s what you can expect.

The title has a lot of RPG elements, and as Technical Producer Dick Heyne broke down in his talk with Gamebyte, it will also have side missions. But Heyne was quick to say that those side missions won’t be about fetching a bunch of rocks or what have you. The characters in the game express themselves through combat, and the combat has been highlighted a lot through the marketing, and I do mean a lot.

“[Side missions are] combat-based,” says Heyne. “The Archons express themselves through combat. During combat, there will be various activities that pop up. But there are no fetch quests in Godfall.”

Godfall will release November 12th for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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