Godfall Will Feature Optimal Builds For Both Solo And Co-op Play


You’ll have to change it up depending on how you go at the game.


We’re a month away now from a new generation of consoles and between the drip-feed approach to marketing both companies employed as well as the stresses from 2020 as a soul crushing year, it was quite a ride. But the time is almost here, and one thing that’s worth note is that the slate of launch titles are all looking very varied with a lot of different stuff to chose from. One of those games is Godfall, one of the earliest next generation only titles revealed, and also one of the first that has been used to show off the SSD loading abilities of the PS5. It’s also a game you can tackle alone or with friends.

In an interview with Gamebyte, Technical Producer at Counterplay Games Dick Heyne talked at length about the game. One thing he highlighted is something that hasn’t been talked about a lot, the game’s co-op capabilities, probably one reason it requires online to play. Heyne stated that game scales to however you are choosing to play, but you will have to do some tinkering on your own. Godfall is designed for players to tackle it their way, with builds for going solo or with co-op.

Godfall is all about letting the player engage with the world on THEIR terms. The difficulty of enemies will scale up in co-op, so while more players naturally increases total DPS, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are clearing encounters faster. Put another way, there are optimal solo builds and optimal co-op builds. It will be up to the player to decide which style best suits them. Neither approach should feel suboptimal.”

Godfall will launch November 12th for PlayStation 5 and PC. You can check out the game’s intro cinematic through here.

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