Gears 5 Takes Less Than 8 Seconds to Load a New Campaign on Xbox Series X

gears 5

As opposed to 36 seconds on a base Xbox One.

gears 5

The Xbox Series X and Series S don’t have any exclusives to speak of as far as their launch lineup is concerned- but it’s not a small launch lineup by any means. Along with several new releases and cross-gen games, quite a few older games are going to get dedicated next-gen enhancements.

One of these is Gears 5, and we recently got a taste of how the game will be leveraging the Xbox Series X’s hardware in one particular way. As shown in a video uploaded to YouTube by Stallion83 (which you can view below), Gears 5’s load times on the Xbox Series X have been significantly cut down.

A new single player campaign loads in a little less than eight seconds, as compared to 34 seconds on the Xbox One X and 36 seconds on the base Xbox One. Meanwhile, the game loads a multiplayer match in about 12 seconds on the Xbox Series X, as opposed to 20 seconds on the Xbox One X and 26 seconds on the base Xbox One.

Gears 5’s Xbox Series X/S optimized version will be releasing alongside the consoles on November 10. Its multiplayer component will run at 120 FPS, and will also sport other improvements.

We’ve previously also seen that DOOM Eternal takes just 5 seconds to load on an Xbox Series X, while Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition loads on the PS5 in just 4 seconds.

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