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Frontier Airlines claims ‘large group’ of maskless passengers disrupted flight



Frontier Airlines claims 'large group' of maskless passengers disrupted flight

Frontier Airlines said they cancelled a flight from Florida on Sunday after a “large group” of passengers refused to wear masks — but the family involved claims they were booted simply because of a maskless baby.

The fracas took place aboard flight 2878, which was set to depart Miami en route to LaGuardia Airport at 7 p.m. until the disagreement forced all passengers to deplane and reschedule a flight for the next morning.

“Multiple people, including several adults, were asked repeatedly to wear their masks and refused to do so,” the airline said in a statement Sunday night.

“Based on the continued refusal to comply with the federal mask mandate, refusal to disembark the aircraft and aggression towards the flight crew, local law enforcement was engaged.”

However, fellow passenger Hershey Greenbaum told The Post the child seemed to be the reason for the family’s removal.

“We were all on the plane when they [flight attendants] came on and saw the 18-month-old baby without a mask,” Greenbaum said.

In video footage of the incident, the father can be seen explaining that the child was under the age of two.

Greenbaum said other passengers came to the defense of the family and became “rowdy” when they were booted.

The parents told the attendants they would try to fit a covering on the baby, according to Greenbaum, but that not did not stop them from taking action.

“All the people on the plane were getting really mad and rowdy because, what are you going to do? It’s an 18-month old baby,” Greenbaum said.

“Most of them were saying ‘Don’t let them do this to you,’” Greenbaum said of the other passengers. “Most of the people were against it, Jewish or not Jewish, why are you picking on an 18-month-old kid?”

The company said: “To be clear, the issue did not stem from a child under the age of two.”

At least one passenger filmed part of the interaction, which was later posted to Twitter by the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council.

Numerous passengers can be heard calling out the flight staff for what they believed to be an unjustified action.

“What are you accomplishing?” one person says.

“You’re gonna pay the consequences,” another passenger can be heard saying.

“This is Nazi Germany,” a third person shouts.

Greenbaum said about 15 police officers responded to the incident.

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Florida woman accused of slugging girlfriend after she slept-talk about her ex



Florida woman accused of slugging girlfriend after she slept-talk about her ex

A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly slugging her girlfriend in the face after hearing her sleep-talk about an ex, a report said.

Alexis Talley, 23, woke up her 21-year-old girlfriend after the sleep-talking episode and told her that “she was talking in her sleep about an ex,” according to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The two started arguing inside their Tampa Bay-area apartment late on June 13 and the feud escalated when Talley allegedly socked the victim in the face.

The victim suffered swelling to the right side of her face, police said.

Talley admitted to verbally fighting with her girlfriend, but denied hitting her, according to cops.

Police arrested Talley and charged her with domestic battery.

She posted a $2,500 bond and was ordered by a judge to stay away from the victim.

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Iran shuts down nuclear power plant for emergency repairs



A worker rides a bicycle in front of the reactor building of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, just outside the southern city of Bushehr. Iran’s sole nuclear power plant has undergone a temporary emergency shutdown, state TV reported on Sunday, June 20.

Iran’s lone nuclear power plant was temporarily shut down over an unexplained emergency, according to the authoritarian nation’s state-run media.

An official from government energy company Tavanir said Sunday the Bushehr plant shutdown began on Saturday for repair work that would last “for three to four days,” possibly causing power outages.

It’s the first time Iran has reported an emergency shutdown of the plant, which was built with Russian backing as part of a nonproliferation agreement.

Nuclear officials warned three months ago that US imposed sanctions on Russia, Iran’s nuclear partner, could bring production at the plant to a halt.

Iran has been unable to procure parts and equipment for the plant since the sanctions took hold in 2018.

Bushehr is fueled by Russia-produced uranium. It’s monitored by the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency, which did not comment on reports of the shutdown.

The plant sits near active fault lines and has been previously shaken by temblors, but there has been no significant seismic activity near the port city in recent days.

With AP wires

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US borders with Mexico and Canada to remain closed for another month



US borders with Mexico and Canada to remain closed for another month

The US borders with Mexico and Canada will remain closed to all non-essential travel for at least another month to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

The extension of the restrictions, which have been in place since March 2020, was announced by the Department of Homeland Security on Twitter. 

“To reduce the spread of #COVID19, the United States is extending restrictions on non-essential travel at our land and ferry crossings with Canada and Mexico through July 21, while ensuring access for essential trade & travel,” DHS wrote.

The agency added that US officials have been discussing reopening strategies with representatives from both bordering countries. 

“DHS also notes positive developments in recent weeks and is participating with other U.S. agencies in the White House’s expert working groups with Canada and Mexico to identify the conditions under which restrictions may be eased safely and sustainably,” the agency tweeted. 

Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the border would stay largely closed until 75 percent of Canadians receive the first of a two-dose coronavirus vaccine and 20 percent get both shots.

With Post wires

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