College football Week 1 scores, schedule and must-see moments

College football Week 1 scores, schedule and must-see moments

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Well, here we are, college football fans. The longest offseason in the history of our lives is (sort of) over. Week 1 is officially happening.

The stands might be empty in some cases. In others, they’ll be sparse. Bands might not be filling the awkward silences, and the pageantry might be muted. But there will be football, and if last weekend is any indication, the action on the field will be delightfully weird in all the ways we’ve all grown to love.

We’ve already seen a few games. It seems like Central Arkansas has already played six games. But starting at 1 p.m. ET Saturday, there will be football until around midnight. We’ll be watching and keeping tabs for you.

Saturday’s schedule

1 p.m. ET: Eastern Kentucky at Marshall, ESPN/ESPN app (Line: N/A)
1:30: Middle Tennessee at Army, CBSSN (Line: Army -3.5)
4:30: SMU at Texas State, ESPN/ESPN app (Line: SMU -22.5)
7:30: Houston Baptist at North Texas, ESPN3/ESPN app (Line: N/A)
8: Arkansas State at Memphis, ESPN/ESPN app (Line: Memphis -18.5)
9: Stephen F. Austin at UTEP, ESPN3/ESPN app (Line: N/A)

Monday at 8: BYU at Navy, ESPN/ESPN app (Line: BYU -1.5)

College football’s best tradition goes on

For three years, Iowa fans’ tradition of waving to patients at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital represents the best of the sport. And that wasn’t going to stop just because the Big Ten season is on hold.

The Wave stops for no pandemic.

— Mike Hlas (@Hlas) September 5, 2020

Breakfast of champions

Yes, Nick Saban has heard about the new Oatmeal Creme Pie cereal, so quit askin’. The legendary Alabama coach’s love for his favorite snack is well documented, and now, he has another way to indulge. Trust the processed sugar.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, but when we asked Nick Saban about the new Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie cereal, not only did he know about it he said he’s going to be one of the first to try it. “I’ll be their guinea pig.” #MartyandMcGee

— Ryan McGee (@ESPNMcGee) September 5, 2020

The Huskers are just wingin’ it now


— Nebraska Huskers (@Huskers) September 4, 2020

What looked like a new Scott Frost video calling for the return of Nebraska football got even saucier on Friday. Frost was relieved by Ander Christensen, the chicken enthusiast who was last spotted asking the Lincoln city council to ban the term “boneless wings” when they’re really nothing more than “saucy nugs.”

“Just like a wing without a bone is just saucy nug,” Christensen said, “a Saturday without Husker football is just a Saturday.”

Signs o’ the times

College GameDay at home
Can’t have a gameday without the coach. Lee Corso kicked off the first show of the season with his own desk, and the rest of the gang was all there.

Welcome to Coach’s crib 😎

— College GameDay (@CollegeGameDay) September 5, 2020



— Nebraska Huskers (@Huskers) September 4, 2020

That might take some getting used to
The one-season Notre Dame/ACC alliance looks a lot more official with the logo on the turf at Notre Dame Stadium.

Felt cute, might delete next year. 😎#GoIrish x #Rally

— Notre Dame Football (@NDFootball) September 3, 2020

Nice work, Memphis
The Liberty Bowl won’t be packed for the Tigers’ season opener against Arkansas State, but it’s as packed as we can get to have college football.

Tomorrow night’s game against Arkansas State is officially sold out with a capacity crowd of 4,537! 😎😉.

— Memphis Football (@MemphisFB) September 4, 2020

Welcome back

Big Earl’s Flavortown adventures
Earl Campbell has had quite the offseason. Texas honored him by renaming its field Campbell-Williams Field in honor of him and fellow Heisman hero Ricky Williams. Now Campbell is rollin’ out, lookin’ for America’s greatest “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” host with very large gifts. Here’s hoping those horns are mounted on the Triple-D Camaro soon.

Omg! One of the greatest gifts from my all time favorite player, Earl Campbell #34. And get this, he drove down 3 1/2hrs to deliver it! #RoseofTyler

— Guy Fieri (@GuyFieri) September 2, 2020

Dogs and cats, living together
America’s mascots must be treasured, even if it means going to extremes, such as Baylor letting the Aggies take care of their Lady.

Aggie vets at @tamuvetmed were able to successfully treat Lady, @Baylor‘s American black bear mascot, to remove a mass last week. We’re glad to hear she’s recovering well following the procedure.

Get well soon, Lady! 👍🐻

— Texas A&M University (@TAMU) August 27, 2020

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