Bing Together

Bing Together

Join a watchparty

Enter the ID your friend gave you

Create a new watchparty

Enter the url of the video you want to watch with your friends

Enjoy a movie night with your friends

Feel close, even when being miles apart

  • ⏰ Start you movie at the exact same time
  • 📞 Talk about your emotions via voice chat
  • 👍 No browser plugin required!
  • 🤩 It’s free

How to

  • 1. Create a new watch party by entering the url of the movie you want to watch
  • 2. Send the party code to your friends
  • 3. Make sure everyone is signed in into the streaming service you choose!
  • 4. Open the voice chat in a new tab
  • 5. Wait until the countdown hits zero and your movie night starts

Supported services

This streaming services are currently supported by Binge Together. More are coming soon…

Binge Together will be able to support all streaming sites available online, as it works directly in
your browser. For the listed one we figured out how to enable the autoplay. If you have information
about other streaming services, do not hesitate to get in contact

Binge Together as Netflix Party alternative

How does Binge Together differ from Netflix Party?

  • 👍 No need for a browser plugin
  • 🗣️ Voice chat support
  • 😇 Works in all browsers (not only in chrome)
  • 🎥 Supports more streaming services apart from Netflix

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