Bill Maher Begs Millennials To Storm Beaches And Malls, Buy Pants

Bill Maher Begs Millennials To Storm Beaches And Malls, Buy Pants

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Bill Maher begged millennials to lead America back to a “life not dominated by fear” and show the world they’re more than anxiety ridden scaredy-cats.

“This is your time,” the host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher said Sunday, addressing the much-maligned demo at the close of New Rules. After all, he said, the Greatest Generation was only great after storming the beaches of Normandy in World War II. “Just storm the beaches. And the malls. Go buy pants. Live your pre-corona life because you are the least likely to die from it,” he said.

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Be careful, but break out of the prison the government has created, he said,.“Safety is a virtue. But if it was the only one, nothing would every get done.”

In an hour that flitted from pandemic to politics to police and the Supreme Court , Maher and potential Joe Biden running mate Susan Rice had little patience for Democrats who don’t think Barack Obama’s VP is woke enough. The former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and National Security Advisor warned protestors “who may wish for a more radical agenda” than Biden’s not to lose sight of the alternative.

“We have a choice. Either Donald Trump remains in office, who has governed in a blatantly divisive way” or Joe Biden, “who understands it’s time to invest in health and education and so many of the underlying issues that have contributed to the systemic racism in this country” she said. “I know him. There is nobody who brings to this challenge a greater sense of the humanity we all share. I would urge people to be very mindful of the choice. It couldn’t be more stark.”

Maher slammed the New York Times for it’s “Yes, we mean literally abolish the police,” editorial. And he applauded conservative George Will for writing that the Senate should go Democratic because a party’s bad management — the GOP – must be punished or it won’t change.

Ah, yes, of course he took a dig at the Academy Awards: “The Oscars are going to be delayed because of the pandemic and they are not making any movies. The committee said, ‘We just need more time not to get it right no matter what we do.’”

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