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Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy tests positive for COVID-19



Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy tests positive for COVID-19

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced Wednesday he has tested positive for COVID-19.

The Republican governor was quarantining in his home with mild symptoms, his office said in a statement.

Dunleavy began to isolate himself after learning Sunday he had been in close contact with someone who had the virus. He got tested that same day and his results came back negative.

He had been feeling well until Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning, he tested again, and the resulte was positive, according to Dunleavy’s office.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink and the governor’s attending physician are monitoring him.

Meanwhile, Alaska House Speaker Louise Stutes also tested positive for the contagious bug.

Committee hearings were canceled for Thursday, and Stutes warned her colleagues not to enter the state Capitol unless it was necessary.

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Remote workers put in longer hours but were less efficient: study



Remote workers put in longer hours but were less efficient: study

Employees are beginning to trickle back into their offices just in time — after a new study found that remote work reduces productivity.

The study, which surveyed the remote work habits of 10,000 employees at an Asian technology company between April 2019 and August 2020, found a 20 percent decrease in output, according to a recent report.

Although the workers in “Work from home & productivity: evidence from personnel & analytics data on IT professionals”, by Michael Gibbs, Friederike Mengel and Christoph Siemroth seemed to work longer hours, they were not as efficient as they would be in a structured workplace.

The study found that although the workers spent 30 percent more time working from home, their productivity fell as they spent more time in meetings with their bosses to constantly outline their responsibilities.

The academics also pointed out that the staff at the unnamed firm they studied were involved in particularly challenging work that might be better suited to an office environment. Employees in less-skilled occupations, such as making customer calls, might be better suited to remote situations, the study said.

The subjects of the study were highly trained and their work involved “significant cognitive work, developing new software or hardware applications or solutions, collaborating with teams of professionals, working with clients, and engaging in innovation and continuous improvement.”

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OnlyFans model Karley Stokes cries foul over bikini Instagram photo



OnlyFans model Karley Stokes cries foul over bikini Instagram photo

OnlyFans model Karley Stokes has cried foul after she was kicked out of a $21,000-per-week Florida villa because she posted a photo of herself lounging by the property’s pool wearing a bikini, the Mirror reports.

Karley Stokes, who has made a name for herself posting racy fare on OnlyFans, insisted that she was the victim of bikini-related discrimination.

The bikini-clad Karley Stokes rented the villa for a week last month, vacationing from her life as an OnlyFans model with seven friends.

She and her pals told the property owner that they planned to kick back and relax in the house, and also shoot some yoga videos.

The group checked into the luxury pad on May 25 and were shown around by the property manager.

OnlyFans model kicked out of £18,000-a-week villa for sharing bikini pic taken inside

All seemed well at first, and the relaxation and revelry began.

But a few hours later, Karley Stokes’ bikini-wearing fun was interrupted, when the manager came back to scold the OnlyFans model for her social media post.

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“She acted like everything was OK but after leaving she looked up our Instagram accounts and came back several hours later,” Karley Stokes recalled of how her work on OnlyFans came back to bite her, the Daily Star reports.

“She claimed that she knew we were going to be shooting porn at their location because of our past Instagram posts.”

After they splashed thousands to rent the space, the content creators were felt “uneasy” when they were branded “porn stars”.

OnlyFans model kicked out of £18k-a-week villa after ‘taking bikini pic in pool’

“We always told her that no we were not – we were using the time to hang with friends as a mini vacation to relax, meditate and work on yoga,” Karley Stokes reported about the confrontation she experienced with the property manager, who took one look at her bikini post and figured she was planning to shoot OnlyFans videos on site.

“She acted like we were doing something wrong and it made me super uneasy,” Stokes lamented.

“She collected all of the guests’ drivers’ license IDs and made copies of them.”

Earlier this month, The Daily Beast reported a somewhat similar story about a T-Mobile employee who sued the company’s HR department after being asked probing questions about her OnlyFans account.

A T-Mobile retail employee has filed a gender discrimination suit against the company, claiming the human resources department inappropriately asked about her OnlyFans account while she reported a physical assault. Caitlyn Stevens told The Verge that while she was working at a T-Mobile store in Fort Worth, Texas, a male employee tried to attack her. When she reported it, she claims, she was transferred—so she reported the incident to human resources.

T-Mobile Employee Files Suit, Claims HR Asked About OnlyFans

Karley Stokes and her bikini-clad friends thought that the interrogation from the property manager would be the end of their OnlyFans-driven worries.

But then the next day, a security guard came and summarily kicked them out of the villa.

“We were in the backyard at the pool – where I had taken an Instagram picture – and at about 1pm, a hired security guard showed up at the house and tells us our lease has been terminated and that we have to leave or they would call the police,” Stokes said. “It was literally crazy how they were acting like we were doing something illegal, when all of the guests were completely clothed in swimsuits and we were having a BBQ in the backyard. We were forced to leave after not even being there 24 hours.”

Knewz previously reported the sad tale of an influencer model who was raked over the coals for “scamming” her fans into paying for an OnlyFans page with no sexually explicit content.

Fans of YouTuber and gaming influencer model Corinna Kopf are calling foul after it was revealed her OnlyFans page consisted of reposts of her Instagram snaps.

Influencer model slammed for ‘scamming’ fans ‘after her OnlyFans page is revealed to just be tame Instagram reposts’

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Model influencer Corinna Kopf slammed for OnlyFans ‘scam’



Model influencer Corinna Kopf slammed for OnlyFans 'scam'

Fans of YouTuber and gaming influencer model Corinna Kopf are calling foul after it was revealed her OnlyFans page consisted of reposts of her Instagram snaps.

According to MEAWW, fans are telling influencer model Corinna Kopf they feel “scammed” by subscribing to her OnlyFans page.

OnlyFans is a content subscription platform that allows user to post oft-explicit content in exchange for monthly payment from ‘fans.’

Kopf joined the platform in early June, and her critics have noted many of her photos are also available to be seen for free on her Instagram page.

Kopf has posted around 11 photos on her OnlyFans so far, some of which are already there on her Instagram. 

YouTuber Corinna Kopf dubbed a ‘scammer’ for posting Instagram pics on OnlyFans page

Influencer model Corinna Kopf hit back at her critics in a series of tweets, calling them “dead wrong.”

“People who think my onlyfans is about to be just ‘instagram content’… you’re dead wrong. if i posted everything right out the gate, it would just get leaked…just wait…” she said on Twitter.

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Newsweek noted the gaming streamer is charging $25 a month to subscribe to her OnlyFans page.

“The 25-year-old boasts more than a million subscribers on YouTube and has 5.7 million followers on Instagram,” the outlet noted.

Subscribers had presumed that the content on the platform would be exclusive and different to the content she uploads to other platforms, such as Instagram.

Corinna Kopf’s OnlyFans Sparks Anger Because Pictures Are From Instagram

A number of influencer models like Corinna Kopf have been drawn to OnlyFans for the ability it offers to quickly monetize large online fanbases.

Such is the case with Twitch streamer Alinity, who discussed how she makes far more from her OnlyFans compared to her other platforms.

“I’m going to give you an idea – I don’t want to say how much I make in one place or another – but in two months, I’ve made what I would have made in 10 years on Twitch,” said Alinity when asked about her OnlyFans earnings in a previous live stream, reported.

Other models on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube have also branched out to OnlyFans, often to big success.

Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon, one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world, has revealed that she makes a lot more on OnlyFans compared to the Amazon-owned platform. 

Alinity Reveals How Much More Money She’s Making on OnlyFans Compared to Twitch

Another gaming influencer and model like Corinna Kopf, Twitch streamer Amouranth, was even able to use her OnlyFans earnings to help buoy her unexplained ad ban from the live streaming platform.

Amouranth, 27, was one of the more popular personalities on the platform, thanks to her ‘hot tub livestreams’ that involved her splashing around in a kiddie pool while dressed in a bikini. The live streams later led to an unexpected ad ban from Twitch.

“I’m lucky I’m diversified, but for people who aren’t, that’s a big portion [of their income] they could be losing,” she said, noting she had monetized her following on different platforms like Instagram and OnlyFans.

Twitch later apologized for the bans, saying it had not alerted demonetized creators about advertisers reporting their content.

Twitch clarified in its statement that the site has faced an advertiser pushback from the trend of ‘sexy’ bikini model hot tub streams that has seemingly taken over the platform in recent months.

Twitch creates hot tub category, says it won’t ban ‘sexy people,’ after uproar over bikini clad streamer

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