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Abandoning our Iran hostages and other commentary



Abandoning our Iran hostages and other commentary

Foreign desk: Abandoning Our Iran Hostages

At National Review, Elliott Abrams worries that Team Biden “is planning to do exactly what the Obama administration did just over five years ago: make a deal with Iran that abandons Americans held hostage there.” In 2015, then-Secretary of State John Kerry promised that the mullahs would release the unjustly detained Siamak Namazi as part of the Iran deal, but “that pledge was evidently false, as Siamak has just completed his 2,000th day in prison,” and his 84-year-old father remains under house arrest. The regime “guessed correctly that American talk about doing all we can to get our hostages returned did not include delaying the lifting of US sanctions by one single day.” President Biden’s team is making the same mistake, negotiating sanctions relief for Tehran, even though lifting “the key financial and petroleum sanctions without gaining the release of the American hostages in Iran is in effect to abandon them — again.”

From the left: Big Tech’s Sneak Censorship

Groups seeking to expose malfeasance are “particularly vulnerable in the age of algorithmic moderation, as computers don’t easily distinguish between conspiracy theory and legitimate reporting that runs counter to present accepted narratives,” Matt Taibbi warns at his TK News site. Case in point: The nonprofit watchdog US Right to Know Foundation helped expose a sneaky p.r. move by the EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit that works with the now-infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology. EcoHealth leadership helped “organize a letter in the prominent medical journal The Lancet, denouncing as ‘conspiracy theory’ the idea that COVID-19 might have had laboratory origins but appeared reluctant to have its own involvement made public.” Soon after, USRTK discovered that its Web “traffic went off a cliff . . . dropping nearly 60 percent overnight.” Others to see similar woes include the World Socialist Web Site and TruthDig. All seem to be victims of Google “core algorithm updates.”

From the right: Biden’s New Wall

President Biden is trying to “build a tax wall around America” by “asking foreign governments to not offer better rates” and thus locking individuals and businesses into funding $6 trillion worth of plans to “build back better,” scoffs the Washington Examiner’s Hugo Gurdon. While “right-wing walls are defenses” against illegal migration, left-wing walls like Biden’s are “prisons” for those whose governments “make their own country so unattractive that sensible people want to escape.” Stifling competition is “distinctly un-American,” but that’s ­exactly what Biden is trying to do.

Libertarian: ’60 Minutes” Shameful Spin

Reason’s Robby Soave points out that a much-disputed “60 Minutes” segment on Ron DeSantis — accusing the Florida governor of giving the Publix grocery chain a lucrative vaccine distribution contract in return for a $100,000 donation to his campaign — “doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny.” For starters, “the decision to have Publix coordinate vaccination was not even made by the governor’s office.” And as the governor explained, “it wasn’t true that Publix got the vaccines first.” But CBS reporter Sharyn ­Alfonsi “blatantly ignored the part of the governor’s statement that clashed with her narrative,” cutting his explanation down to “a brief comment that made it sound like he became combative with her for no reason.” The segment is only the latest symptom of the mainstream media’s “weird fixation” on promoting “a false narrative that Florida’s approach to the pandemic has been uniquely bad.”

Science beat: Pandemic Vax Miracles

There is plenty of grim news out there these days, but our pandemic era has also witnessed “remarkable developments and innovations,” cheers Commentary’s Noah Rothman. The genetic technology that made possible the rapid introduction of COVID-19 jabs, for example, has applications that extend “well beyond the current pandemic’s bounds,” including promising vaccines against one of humankind’s oldest and deadliest enemies, malaria. A Phase One clinical trial of a vaccine against HIV-AIDS has likewise showed astonishing progress “against this notoriously evasive contagion.” So wallow in gloom, if you like, but “the future is brighter than the naysayers allow.”

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The MTA’s still failing to end massive overtime abuses



The MTA's still failing to end massive overtime abuses

Despite service reductions amid the lockdowns, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s overtime bill barely dropped last year, with a whopping $1.1 billion, down just 17 percent from 2018’s record $1.38 billion.

The Empire Center, which first exposed the MTA’s suspiciously vast OT payouts two years ago, reports that 431 employees pulled at least $100,000 in overtime, with 667 collecting more in overtime than in regular pay.

In what’s likely the tip of the iceberg, the feds have indicted five Long Island Rail Road employees (most of them flagged by the Empire Center and/or The Post) on conspiracy charges for fraudulently raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars by abusing the transit’s “honor system.”

It took several lawsuits for the watchdog to get the MTA to make public the incriminating payroll data, and various MTA units still “have trouble” coughing it up each year.

MTA Chairman Pat Foye claims the agency is “addressing potential abuses as quickly and efficiently as possible,” but the linchpin anti-fraud fix, installing fingerprint timeclocks, went off the tracks during the pandemic. And the agency blew past its end-of-February deadline for a new timeline for reforms after the abrupt departure of Chief Operating Officer Mario Peloquin.

We’ve supported the MTA’s successful efforts to get major bailouts from the feds, but the agency needs to get serious about breaking the bad habits that let employees rob it blind.

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The $8T (and growing) Biden wants to spend on changing America forever



The $8T (and growing) Biden wants to spend on changing America forever

Eight trillion dollars. That’s how much President Joe Biden has proposed in new spending — in just the 2½ months since taking office. It’s an absurd figure, equal to more than a third of America’s entire yearly economic output.

And it’s overwhelmingly meant to transform the nation — to empower and enrich Democratic special interests, lock in permanent Democratic control and impose radical left-wing ideas.

Biden’s latest hit: $1.52 trillion in discretionary spending. That follows $1.9 trillion for last month’s American Rescue Plan, $2.3 trillion for Part I of his infrastructure plan and another $2 trillion or so expected soon for Part II.

That mind-blowing $7.7 trillion total doesn’t even count another $3 trillion or so in entitlement spending and $300 billion in debt-service costs; add that in, and you’re talking about spending that’s more than half the nation’s $21 trillion output.

Where would all the cash go? Mostly to Democratic allies and left-wing fantasies: unions and their members, Democratic states facing budget gaps, government bureaucrats, Green New Deal wish-lists and Dem-friendly corporations.

The non-defense discretionary budget Biden released, for example, grows a whopping 16 percent, including a 41 percent bump for the Education Department. Title I funding for the nation’s schools (and teachers’ unions) alone would spike 121 percent. (Never mind that the left-center Brookings Institution finds “little evidence” that Title I funds are “effective.”)

Spending for the Departments of Labor, Commerce, Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development balloon at least 14 percent, up to 28 percent — music to the ears of government employees.

Biden’s $2.3 trillion “infrastructure” plan similarly shells out hundreds of billions to benefit labor groups and their members.

It calls for yet another expansion of Medicaid, for example, to fund caregivers for the elderly and people with disabilities. And it’s designed to promote above-market-rate union wages and mandatory union membership, as Biden also aims to neuter state right-to-work laws that let employees opt out of unions.

The goal: to balloon unions’ ranks — and the dues they collect. Groups like the Service Employees International Union, which represents health-care workers, will then use its riches, and the power that comes with them, to elect more left-wing Democrats.

The plans also steer hundreds of billions toward clean-energy programs via subsidies to utilities, electric-car makers and Green New Deal white elephants. Think Solyndra — the solar-panel company that got $535 million in Obama-era funding and then went belly up — on steroids.

Then there’s the $350 billion for state and local governments (i.e., fiscally reckless Dems, like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio) in the $1.9 trillion “rescue” package Biden already rammed through.

And don’t think the money went for COVID or economic stimulus, as Dems pretend, since most of it’s to be spent down the road, not the next few months. Besides, the economy has been well on its way to recovery even without the new trillions — as the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell have indicated.

No, every single push from this president is for a total transformation — a massive expansion of government, union power, Democratic control and Green New Deal boondoggles. All financed via trillions in debt and redistributive new taxes to please far-left socialist-leaning progressives. If Biden & Co. get their way, say goodbye to America as we once knew it.

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Letters to the Editor — April 18, 2021



Letters to the Editor — April 18, 2021

Kimmel’s joke flop
Maureen Callahan was spot-on with her article about the Hunter Biden and Jimmy Kimmel comedy routine (“The lowlife of the party,” April 10).

There should be no doubt in any open-minded American’s mind that Hunter Biden is the “Fredo” of the Biden family, and Kimmel is taking advantage of the opportunity to try to turn the debacle into a comedy act.

The serious criminal accusations against Hunter Biden, which become more difficult not to believe every time he opens his mouth, are not the least bit funny.

Kimmel’s exploitation of this pathetic individual shows that he is a bottom feeder who will do anything in the quest for laughs and TV ratings.

Richard L. Mills

Royal family fix
Condolences to the royal family on their loss. May Prince Philip’s soul now rest in eternal peace. He had a full, rich and rewarding life (“Duke’s Earth-first farewell,” April 13).

Meghan Markle and Archie will stay in California and Prince Harry will attend his grandfather’s funeral and also actively participate in the service.

This could prove to be Harry’s and the Royal Family’s gut-check moment. Hopefully, neither will pass up any opportunity to reconcile, as his 94-year-old grandmother surely isn’t getting any younger.

Regardless, this is, first and foremost, a family’s time to grieve and remember their loved one. May it not become a crude and tasteless media circus or fodder for the tabloids.

Vincent Ruggiero
Scottsdale, Ariz.

Killing tourism
Recently, a tourist was shot in Midtown (“A Plan for NY Revival: No Shooting Tourists,” Nicole Gelinas, PostOpinion, April 12).

It may become the final nail in the coffin for New York City.

With COVID becoming less of an issue, the city desperately needs a shot in the arm from tourism. But if shots are felt by tourists, the decline will accelerate.

The cops are terrified to do their job, and the businesses that desperately need an infusion of cash can only sit and hope. It’s a bleak picture already, but after one or two more incidents like this, the city can kiss tourism goodbye for a very long time.

John Fleming
Punta Gorda, Fla.

Reform’s victims
It’s understandable to put Rafael Mangual’s (“Suffer the Children,” PostOpinion, April 15) and Ed Mullins’ (“The Real ‘New Normal’ Is Criminality,” PostOpinion, April 15) opinions on the same page. They go hand in hand.

Laws have been changed because the criminal-justice system and law enforcement have been deemed inherently racist. And it has swept the country. Some say it’s more fair. What’s fair about more senseless deaths?

It’s known that in any city, residents want law enforcement so their kids can play outside without fear and people can go about their business safely.

Leadership has lost sight of its duty to protect the people first. The police are handcuffed and our children are being killed. Where’s the fairness there?

B. Tonuzi
Wanaque, NJ

Unmasked upside
Thank you, David Marcus, for once again putting my exact thoughts into words (“Mask Forever?” PostOpinion, April 14).

I, too, understood the reasons behind wearing face masks, but the “forever mask regime” is beyond troubling to me. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing a wide open smile from people of all walks of life.

That smile of kindness and recognition is so human, so uplifting. We cannot allow fear to keep us from this joy.

Jayne Lee

Want to weigh in on today’s stories? Send your thoughts (along with your full name and city of residence) to [email protected]. Letters are subject to editing for clarity, length, accuracy and style.

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